Work in Progress Wednesday | Drawing with Graphitint


Graphitint pencils are tinted water-soluble graphite pencils made by Derwent. I’m utilizing them this week to problem my fascinated by shade and course of.

Experimenting with new supplies is a good way to disclose unexplored prospects in your work. I’ve labored with Graphitint pencils earlier than, and discover the entire idea of water-soluble drawing supplies thrilling. It’s been a problem for me to embrace them absolutely, nonetheless, as a result of I’ve developed a mindset and method of working with conventional supplies that I can depend on and ship relatively predictable outcomes. What you’ll see on this article is step one to raised understanding these distinctive pencils and new prospects with shade.

Graphitint WIP
Reference Picture
Graphitint WIP_1
Preliminary line-work and wash

Preliminary Wash

What I did: I frivolously made the outlines of the first shapes, after which used “Ocean Blue #07,” to frivolously layer the sky, distant hills, bushes, and shadow shapes. With a #10 brush loaded with water, I washed the realm and let it dry.

What I’d Do In another way: Discover the uneven areas within the sky? It is because my brush was too small and I used to be not in a position to ship a good wash to the whole sky space in a single cross. On the subsequent strive, I’d use a bigger #14 watercolor brush, which might maintain extra water and permit me to work the whole space in a single try.

Graphitint WIP_2
Mid-Tone wash


What I did: I used “Inexperienced Gray #09” for the distant hills, “Ivy #11” to dam the mid-tones for the bushes, and “Chestnut #13” for the pink shadow areas. The #10 Sable Brush labored effectively to create an preliminary wash and construct gentle textural brushwork. After the preliminary wash dried, I utilized a layer of dried pencil to create a dried textured impact on the tough tooth of the paper.

What I’d Do In another way: The colour within the distant hills shouldn’t be creating the impact I’d have appreciated. Given a second strive, I’d create a stronger preliminary layer of “Sky Blue #07.” This might create extra atmospheric distance. Within the shadow areas of the constructing, I’d use “Cool Brown #13.”

Graphitint WIP _3
Last examine layered with dry Graphitint

Last Examine

What I did: I used a wash of “Sage #12” on the bottom and chapel to advert heat. Element, texture, and shadow was added utilizing hatching with a dry “Shadow #05” pencil.

What I’d Do In another way: The reddish shadow areas are too robust, so I’d begin with a stronger layer of “Sage #12” and a lighter layer of “Chestnut #13” to point the shadows.

What Was Realized

Graphitint on watercolor paper is a compelling pairing. The ensuing picture has a compelling gentle high quality and texture, however I would like to raised perceive the colours and the right way to layer them successfully. I take pleasure in constructing layers of hatch marks and particulars on prime of the coloured washes and look ahead to working additional with these supplies!