Tips on how to Draw Scared Anime or Manga Eyes

This tutorial reveals how to attract anime eyes with a scared expression. It offers eight step-by-step examples together with a line by line drawing video.

Scared anime eyes drawing step by step
Scared anime eyes drawing step-by-step

A preview of the important thing levels for drawing the scared eyes is present above however the video offers an much more detailed breakdown.

The tutorial is completed in a means the place you don’t really want to erase a part of the drawing when you don’t make a mistake. Nevertheless, it’s nonetheless really useful that you simply comply with alongside in pencil simply in case you do (except drawing digitally).

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Step 1 – Draw the Outer Form of the Scared Eyes

Scared anime eyes outline drawing
Scared anime eyes define drawing

Start by outlining the outer form of the eyes. As these are anime/manga eyes their shapes might be outlined by the outer form of the eyelashes.

For a scared expression draw the eyes be large open (taller than you’d for a traditional expression).

For a traditional expression for comparable eyes see:

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Scared anime eyes drawing spacing
Scared anime eyes drawing spacing

Area the eyes far sufficient aside that the gap between them is the same as roughly the size of 1 eye (as proven above).

Step 2 – Draw the Eyelashes

Scared anime eyes eyelashes drawing
Scared anime eyes eyelashes drawing

Define the interior shapes of the eyelashes as proven within the instance above. You should utilize their outer shapes as a information.

Step 3 – Draw the Irises

Scared anime eyes irises drawing
Scared anime eyes irises drawing

To indicate a scared look draw the irises a lot smaller than regular and make them oval in form. It is a crucial side of displaying the scared look. Although in actual life the dimensions of irises doesn’t change with totally different expressions adjusting it’s pretty widespread practise for anime and manga artists to regulate it when displaying feelings or character varieties.

Step 4 – Draw the Eyebrows

Scared anime eyes eyebrows drawing
Scared anime eyes eyebrows drawing

Draw the eyebrows raised and with their interior ends curving upwards. Including these upwards curves may also help distinguish the scared expression from a shocked look (which might be very comparable).

For drawing the shocked expression see:

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Step 5 – Draw the Reflections & Pupils

Scared anime eyes details drawing
Scared anime eyes particulars drawing

Inside every of the eyes draw a pair of highlights. These are the sunshine reflecting from the sleek floor of the eyes. Make one reflection bigger (for the primary mild supply) and the second smaller (for the mirrored mild).

Step 6 – Draw a Trace of the Eyelids

Scared anime eyes eyelids drawing
Scared anime eyes eyelids drawing

For this straightforward step draw a brief curved line above every eye (slightly nearer to their interior ends) to create a touch of the eyelids.

Step 7 – Add Hints of Particular person Lashes

Scared anime eyes line drawing
Scared anime eyes line drawing

Just like hair anime and manga eyelashes are usually attract massive clumps. Draw a number of of those on the outer/higher corners of every of the eyes.

For extra on drawing eyelashes in these fashion see:

Step 8 – Add Shading & End the Bored Eyes Drawing

Scared anime eyes

To make the drawing actually stand out give it some very fundamental shading. If drawing on paper you should utilize darker pencil shading or a black marker for the black elements.

Shade as follows:

  • Eyebrows – black
  • Eyelashes – black
  • Irises (higher elements) – black
  • Highlights – white
  • Pupils – black
  • Irises (decrease elements) – gray

Alternatively you’ll be able to coloration just by changing the gray with no matter you want.


The anime and manga types are likely to extremely exaggerate some expressions by way of issues like adjusting the dimensions of the irises to higher convey a selected emotion. The scared eyes proven on this tutorial give one instance of this however there are various extra.

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