All I need for Christmas, by little Suzie Newsykins

It seems Little Suzie Newsykins needs somewhat greater than a Trump indictment, although that tops her (and my) Christmas record. The Division of Justice obtained a critical nudge from the January 6 Home committee this week within the type of a felony referral that listed four charges, including inciting insurrection.

That doesn’t imply the Insurrector-in-Chief will truly be indicted by the DOJ, however it’s one step nearer to taking place. The vacation season actually is a time of marvel and magic!

Talking of magic, Congress handed a $858 billion protection finances that hardly precipitated a ripple. In line with the New York Instances, this money haul is “the second highest in inflation-adjusted terms since World War II.” In case you haven’t frolicked your shingle as an arms supplier, now is likely to be the time.

In the meantime, it seems like most Republicans and Democrats in Congress are in no hurry to ban inventory trades, so the scent of battle of curiosity wafting by the hallways will most likely be stronger than the scent of chestnuts.

And although we’d not have as a lot money because the Pentagon or certain families in Congress, I hope you will have an exquisite vacation(s)!

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