8 Step Anime Boy’s Head & Face Drawing Tutorial

This step-by-step tutorial explains how to attract an anime boy’s face. It reveals the best way to construction the pinnacle and the best way to place the facial options utilizing proportions frequent to anime and manga.

Anime boy face drawing step by step
Anime boy face drawing step-by-step

In the case of anime characters can usually be drawn to seem youthful than their precise age. For that reason the boy proven on this tutorial will be wherever from 8-12 years outdated.

You’ll be able to see a preview of the primary levels of the drawing within the picture above however there are additionally further examples offered in among the steps to make it even simpler to observe alongside.

If you’re going to be utilizing pencil and paper make sure to make gentle strains as you’ll need to erase elements of the drawing in among the steps. You’ll be able to darken them afterward (earlier than shading).

Step 1 – Define the Boy’s Head, Neck & Shoulders

Anime boy head top drawing
Anime boy head high drawing

Start by making a straight vertical line via the center of your web page or drawing space. This will probably be used as a information to assist insure that the drawing doesn’t get skewed to 1 facet. The middle line also can make it simpler to see of each halves of the drawing are comparatively even in width.

On the higher a part of this line draw a circle to signify the higher a part of the pinnacle. Make sure to additionally go away some room above that for the hair.

Anime boy head drawing
Anime boy head drawing

Taking place from the circle add the decrease a part of the face. Since it is a boy’s head you want this part to be pretty brief for a rounder trying face, longer faces usually make characters look older.

You’ll be able to see the overall form of this a part of the pinnacle outlined by the damaged up line segments. First there are two pretty straight sections which can be angled barely in the direction of the center of the pinnacle. These are then adopted by a pair of curves and one other pair of pretty straight strains which can be angled much more in the direction of the middle of the pinnacle. These are then joined by one other curve.

You’ll be able to both draw one facet of the face at a time or draw the segments within the order listed above (no matter you discover simpler).

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Anime boy neck and shoulders drawing
Anime boy neck and shoulders drawing

Taking place from the underside of the pinnacle add the neck adopted by the shoulders. You’ll be able to as soon as once more see their shapes outlined by the damaged up line segments.

Draw all sides of the neck angled curve barely away kind the middle of the face with curves close to the underside. The neck ought to then transition into the shoulder muscular tissues (pretty straight strains) adopted by the cures of the shoulders.

Anime boy head outline drawing
Anime boy head define drawing

You’ll be able to erase the decrease a part of the circle draw firstly as soon as carried out including these in order that your drawing seems one thing just like the above.

Step 2 – Drawing the Ears

Anime boy ear drawing
Anime boy ear drawing

To position the ears on the pinnacle you’ll usually wish to do it in a approach the place their higher ends are beneath it’s horizontal midway level. The decrease ends will be between the midway level and the underside of the chin.

Please word that actual ears are often farther up on the pinnacle however since that is an anime boy the proportions will be totally different.

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At this stage you’ll merely wish to have a top level view of every ear. Go away their inside particulars for later.

Step 3 – Drawing the Boy’s Eyes

Anime boy eyes drawing
Anime boy eyes drawing

Anime characters (particularly children) usually have their eyes a lot decrease down on the pinnacle than actual folks. To place the boy’s eyes you may as soon as once more use the horizontal midway level of the pinnacle and place them only a tiny bit beneath it.

Since it is a boy draw the eyes greater in relation to the pinnacle than you’d for an older male character. This may create a youthful look.

Much like the ears, at this stage of the drawing solely define the primary shapes of the eyes (eyelashes and irises).

Anime boy drawing eye spacing
Anime boy drawing eye spacing

Area the eyes roughly far sufficient aside so as to match a 3rd one in between them (as proven above).

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Step 4 – Drawing the Eyebrows

Anime boy eyebrows drawing
Anime boy eyebrows drawing

A bit of distance above the eyes draw the eyebrows. On this case they are going to be pretty thick (barely extra so in the direction of their inside ends).

Step 5 – Draw the Nostril

Anime boy nose drawing
Anime boy nostril drawing

Draw the nostril as a tiny vertical sprint with its backside near the underside of the ears (midway between the horizontal center of the pinnacle and the underside of the chin).

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Step 6 – Draw the Mouth

Anime boy mouth drawing
Anime boy mouth drawing

On this case the boy may have a light-weight smile. To indicate this draw the mouth as a curve and provides it a tiny break within the center.

Place the mouth just a bit bit above the midway level between the underside of the ears and the underside of the chin. The midway level itself is definitely the place of the underside lip which on this case just isn’t drawing (as is frequent in anime and manga).

When you add the mouth you may erase the middle information line in addition to every other information strains you selected to attract.

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Step 7 – Draw the Hair Alongside the Brow

Anime boy hair front drawing
Anime boy hair entrance drawing

The coiffure will probably be barely messy to assist reinforce the character (boys are likely to run round and play so much). To make it less complicated to attract the hair it is going to be break up into tree elements. For extra on this strategy you may see the next tutorial:

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Start by drawing the hair alongside the brow proven in pink within the instance above. Draw this in pretty giant curvy clumps (as is typical of anime and manga hair).

Step 8 – Draw the Hair Alongside the Sides

Anime boy hair sides drawing
Anime boy hair sides drawing

Add the hair on the edges of the face (proven in inexperienced). These sections ought to “hug” the face, curving round it. Draw them proper over high of the define of the ears and head.

Step 9 – Draw the Hair on High & within the Background

Anime boy hair line drawing
Anime boy hair line drawing

Lastly add the hair on the high and backside/again of the pinnacle. Draw the highest half curving across the form of the pinnacle far away with a number of random medium sized clumps tick out of it.

Draw the underside/background half as a collection of smaller clumps curving in random instructions.

Anime boy hair drawing
Anime boy hair drawing

When you end drawing out the totally different hair sections you may erase the elements of the pinnacle lined by them.

Step 10 – Draw the Eye/Ear Particulars

Anime boy face drawing
Anime boy face drawing

As soon as the entire main elements of the pinnacle are outlined you may add the smaller particulars.

Anime boy eyes drawing step by step
Anime boy eyes drawing step-by-step

Begin with the inside elements of the eyes. Add the pupils, reflections and a touch of the eyelids. Draw these as proven within the instance above as much as the fourth instance. You’ll be able to refer again to the final two when you get to the shading a part of the tutorial.

Anime boy ear drawing step by step
Anime boy ear drawing step-by-step

Many of the particulars of the ear will probably be lined by the hair however you may see what they appear like within the instance above (once more, go away the final one for whenever you do shading).

Step 11 – Draw the Garments

Anime boy clothes drawing
Anime boy garments drawing

To complete the road drawing first add just a little bit clothes. On this case the boy will probably be sporting a t-shirt. You’ll be able to present this by outlining it’s neckline as proven above.

As soon as carried out with the shirt you may darken the drawing by tracing over it (for those who really feel the strains are too gentle).

Step 12 – Add Shading & End the Boy Drawing

Anime boy drawing shading
Anime boy drawing shading

This tutorial will use a way known as “Cel Shading” (normal in anime and cartoons). In brief it signifies that there are not any gradients (clean transitions) however a tough line between the sunshine and darkish areas.

For the preliminary stage of the shading course of merely darken the hair, eyes, eyebrows and shirt. Go away a streak of white spots within the hair for the highlights (gentle reflecting from it). You’ll be able to both define these beforehand or just create them as you shade. If drawing digitally you may add them over high of the shading or you are able to do so on paper utilizing a white correction pen. Make sure to go away the highlights contained in the eyes white as effectively together with the collar of the t-shirt.

Anime boy drawing
Anime boy drawing

After you’ve got the preliminary layer of shading additional darken the pupils and the higher elements of the irises.

With the above carried out you may start including the precise shadows. For this specific drawing the lighting setup will probably be as if the boy is both outdoors throughout the day or in a effectively lit room. In each of those circumstances the sunshine will have a tendency to return from above and the shadows will usually be forged downwards. Place them as follows:

  • Alongside the underside edges of the hair clump (alongside the foreheads and sides)
  • Under the hair clumps alongside the brow
  • Across the eyelids (tiny)
  • Under the eyelashes
  • The inside elements of the ears (barely seen)
  • To 1 facet of the nostril
  • Under the underside lip (not truly drawn)
  • The underside background part of the pinnacle (absolutely shade this)
  • The higher a part of the neck (beneath the pinnacle)

With the shadow carried out you’ve come to the tip of this tutorial.

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This tutorial reveals the best way to create a drawing of a younger boy in addition to the best way to obtain an anime or manga look. That is achieved by analyzing each the model in addition to the proportions of kids’s faces and selecting traits which can be frequent to each.

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